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Syrsa utvecklar Malmö Stadsteaters ledarskap. 
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"Morgondagens medarbetare kommer kräva ett
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Göran Larsson
VD, Syrsa Competence Development AB

”The biggest opportunity to improve results for most companies and organizations is to release the full potential of managers and employees”


Syrsa’s values and practices focus on helping companies and organizations release the potential of employees and managers. It’s a powerful way to influence company profits and competitiveness.



A big challenge companies face is releasing the potential of interpersonal relationships between directors and the company, and managers and their employees. It’s the same with external relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Often it’s a lack of communication, fuzzy leadership and lack of feedback that prevents employees developing and performing at their peak. It could also be the absence of good structure, organization or clear rules that prevent relationships from functioning properly, draining our energy and making us feel unmotivated.


By training, coaching and giving feedback, Syrsa helps its clients develop better leadership, sales and customer service. This website shows you how you can take advantage of our expertise, our basic concept and the way we work to release your potential. Let us help you develop the potential of your employees and managers. Make the most of your personnel and improve profits.


Release Your Potential!


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